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Many were among the first commercial Internet sites, some of which are now among the top 30 sites in the world. France had their first success on online promotional gaming sites. The field of online promotional games, however, is not homogeneous, so it is important to sketch segmentation by listing the main players by segment. It will then be important to understand how, and by what mechanism these sites acquire today an original but essential place in the advertising operation of the net economy.

Roughing segmentation:

The expression ‘online games – online promotional games’ is not the expression of a single reality. Indeed, the study of a typology of the sector reveals criteria of differentiation such as the type of games, the nature of the gain, the target and the economic model. We will distinguish:

‘Online promotional games’, strictly speaking

These offer Internet users a full range of games (quizzes, games of chance, board games), and gains in the form of consumer goods (Hi Fi, video). The provision of advertising space and the redirection of qualified traffic, thanks to the exploitation of a database, constitute the main revenue of these sites; they allow advertisers to increase their turnover, to develop their reputation, and their brand image. Their database consists of information on the tastes and preference of Internet users (thanks to the follow-up of the actions of the players through the games and prices in kind offered) and allows establishing precise profiles of consumers. In the United States: and, respectively 31st and 18th world sites. In A quantitative and qualitative offer in play generally highly appreciated by Internet users, the premiere on the innovation of promotional solutions, repeatedly repeated later on the French Internet. When it comes to Run 3 unblocked then it is for sure that you will have the best games available there.

Online lotteries:

The general principle is simple: a lottery grid to fill and validate by a ‘forced click’ on the advertising banner of an advertiser between 1 million francs and 1 million euros to win. Their business model is based on the redirection of traffic to advertisers.

  • Their recruitment based on the attraction of a high amount of money, these sites offer advertisers a volume offer, but not quality. Vis-à-vis Internet users, their offer is totally undifferentiated. Note also that lottery sites do not financially cover the gains, it is the insurance that pay, a gain being considered a disaster. However, lottery sites have quickly become important players in the online gaming market. A cluster of investments on these sites during the summer of 2000 gave rise to the effects of announcements and to a press cover which contributed to make them popular.

Other than these there are other kinds of options for the proper online games are also there. You can actually come up with the options that are the essential options here.